Dragon Victor

Dragon Victor is the first platform and community for the reservation of crypto hotels and crypto tourism in the BSC.


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Book Hotels with $DRV

Dragon Victor is the first cryptocurrency to allow users to book hotel rooms and pay for them using crypto with complete anonymity.

We are currently developing an app to allow these users to book using $DRV through the app.

How the App Works

1. Connect your wallet

2. Filter by country, city, price, and even level of anonymity

3. Find the available Dragon rooms

4. Book the room with one click of a button
5. Single click cancellations and automatic refunds to your $DRV wallet
6. You can claim discounts from the “Discounts & Rewards” section of the app

Dragon Victor Presale (Whitelist)

Dragon Victor Whitelist is open, to enter fill the form below!
Pinksale KYC-approved presale on 8th March, 2022!


Before Launch

  • Launch website
  • Launch socials
  • Publish whitepaper
  • KYC with Pinksale
  • Audit contract
  • Small private sale for early adopters
  • Dragon Victor app mockup
  • Hold AMAs in popular Telegrams & our own
  • Reddit marketing campaign (running daily)
  • Whitepaper

Phase 1

  • Post launch marketing campaign
  • Social media & web ad campaign
  • Community events & giveaways
  • Second wave of Reddit & Twitter campaign
  • Crypto influencers
  • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap applications
  • Crypto.com listing
  • Register for crypto conventions and events to promote Dragon Victor

Phase 2

  • Partnership with hotel chains
  • English & Chinese articles published in a number of crypto & hospitality blogs
  • Dragon Victor app beta-testing
  • Begin CEX applications
  • Community events & giveaways
  • Introduce multi-chain versions of $DRV

Phase 3

  • Finalize partnerships with hotels in each continent
  • Full-fledged Dragon Victor app release
  • Give away free rooms to initial holders
  • Begin app expansion into the leisure & activities side of crypto tourism
  • Begin our video ad campaign on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, & Vevo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

Drop an email at admin@dragonvictor.com

What is the marketing plan?

The marketing plan is an ever-evolving aspect of any successful project. To put it briefly, prior to our presale & launch, we are hosting a myriad of AMA’s in popular Telegram groups as well as our own. Our Reddit marketing campaign is running daily. We have English-speaking & Chinese communities and are publishing articles in a number of crypto blogs. We are also holding competitions, giveaways, and other fun events for the community to attract new investors.


Post-launch will be a heavy push on publications, interviews, & and visual media. Our Reddit & Twitter campaigns will continue. We will apply to Coingecko, Coin Market Cap, & begin applying to CEX’s. We will continue to formulate our list of hotels to approach & begin the early stages of communications.

Are you applying to Coingecko & Coin Market Cap?

Yes. We will be applying as soon as we launch. But we will not pay an exorbitant amount of money to fast-track it as that is dishonest and creates an inaccurate gauge for growth.

Why are you holding an ICO before the app & web are finished?

We are launching the token now as a way to finance the development of the project and offer early investors the best return on investment possible.

Do you have the entire team needed to make this project possible?

Yes, we have a strong team that is KYC’d & audited and able to design & create this project, get it launched, and into the early stages of development. Our team consists of Crypto Developers, Marketers, Designers, Community Managers, Web Developers and more. But we are also currently hiring ios & android app developers as well as many other positions. So please reach out if you’re interested in joining the team.

Why don’t you finance the project yourselves?

Like most entrepreneurs, we are not millionaires. And like most business ventures, we are looking for creative ways to finance the development. With Dragon Token being the core of the business we want to integrate it into the business as early as possible.

You say you're looking for crypto hotels, what exactly is a crypto hotel?

Any hotel looking to modernize and integrate crypto into its business model. Any hotel we associate with will have bookings available in Dragon Token.

What does crypto tourism mean?

Tourist destinations that facilitate leisure & activities paid for with crypto.

Is this app unique?

Yes. Just look at how many crypto hotel/hospitality apps you have on your phone right now. I doubt it’s more than 1 and most likely the answer is 0.

Is paying for a hotel room or tourism packaging in crypto legal?

Yes. The hotels that we approach will be in jurisdictions that allow the use of crypto as payment. Dragon Victor will follow all applicable laws needed to operate in each country.

Are bookings anonymous?

Patrons will need to provide data for certain hotels but we understand the importance of discreet travel. Whether you’re a celebrity, diplomat, or just value anonymity, we will provide listings for private accommodations where all you need is a wallet with Dragon Token & the app to be able to book.

How do cancellations work?

We make cancellations extremely simple. With the click of a single button in the app/website you can cancel your reservation and instantly receive a refund in Dragon.

Are you fast-tracking Coingecko & Coin Market Cap?

No. Instead of investing the launch profit in fast-tracking CG or CMC, we are using that money to develop the app and cultivate the community. Fast-tracking is unnecessary and results in a quick spike & a fall in price.

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